Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm sorry I forgot your birthday

I'm guilty. I have a tough time remembering birthdays and I really WANT to be one of those people (like my aunt) who remembers everyone's birthday, anniversary, special occasion and has the card in the mail 4 days ahead of time. I've tried buying those birthday books (I've even designed a few in my career), but then I never remember to look at them. AND, I've even bought the perfect card for the perfect person, and then not mailed it. (Sorry Liz).

So, I've discovered this cool card company called Jack Cards. You sign up and enter all the dates you'd like to remember (ok, initial time to set up... it might take the back burner for the moment), but then, the fun select your cards (they have a ton), and then they'll send you a pre-addressed, stamped card to send so you can sign your name and write a note or two, and then YOU just pop it in the mail! And, did I mention? Membership is free (cards are not).

So, Happy Belated Birthday Melinda!


Minnie said...

Oh, I can totally relate. I am not bad at remembering that it's someone's birthday but I am bad about remembering to go to the post office to mail the cards. As a matter of fact, I better go check whether I mailed my Christmas thank you cards!!

Cristin said...

Darling cards. Great to have on hand just in case on bday slips away!


Melinda said...

So that warmed my heart better than any Hallmark (or Jack Cards!) special! I got a shout out on the world's cutest/coolest blog! I, too, have great intentions of sending out cards in a timely know...urgh...
my bday was fab btw!

Melissa A. @ Design Delights said...

This is me too, I think I need to sign up for this one.