Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Dangerous Thing

Let me must say, that sitting next to a bag of Hershy's Kisses as you're trying to work is a very dangerous thing. My apologies go out to my husband, because they are (were) his.

Remember our basement flood? Well, more water got in, and we now have a team of men jack hammering the floor of the basement to put "French drains" in. I'm sitting in a clouded, dusty house while designing two gift books. This is going to be one crazy clean up job. I'm stressed, because I need it all to be done, clean, and debris filled by 6:00 when Jake gets home with his grandmother. No wonder I've had about 20 kisses. I think I need more!


pk @ Room Remix said...

I can't buy hershey's kisses because I seriously can't stop until the bag is gone. LOVE them! Same with Girl Scout thin mint cookies. :-( Unfortunately my husband ordered them this year without my knowledge soooo... It could be bad.

jacqueline said...

Hershey's kisses are really yummie! I hope your basement floor get fix soon!

I've been busy with preparing for chinese new year and valentine's but sure am happy to find the time to visit you here! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and a sweet sweet valentine's! Love to yoU!