Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Owl Sweater

I'm thinking about owls today because Jake and I actually SAW one on our little nature walk today. The most exciting thing about this sighting is...this is the first time Jake has retold a story (in his own way). When Daddy came home, he said, "Owl, Don". Translation: "Don from next door showed us an owl!" Of course, I am in awe of each step he makes.

I made him this little sweater and hat last year at Thanksgiving time. I don't actually knit very well (and I can't read a pattern), but I had this vision, and sort of pieced this together. He looked so cute wearing it. I haven't tried it on this year, but am hoping it might fit. As you can see from the photo, it's a little wide, so we may just get a little tummy showing this year. I got the idea to put an owl on the sweater from this (really good selling) journal I designed.

I am also thinking about owls today, because it seems that Jake his honed in on his favorite "dude" (aka "lovie"). It's owl dude (not monkey, frog, giraffe, dog or tiger...we've got them all). Before he goes to bed, or gets in anyway snuggly, he says simply, "owl". I always love to see what kids come up with as they refine their taste for their favorite thing. I'm going to have to stock up. I'm already getting a little panicky when we can't find "owl".

P.S. My oldest niece decided pink bows are the best...her bed was full of pink satin bows at bedtime...they had to be just the "right" shade of pink, so my sister bought rolls of the ribbon!


jacqueline said...

That owl sweater is soo cute! He looks sooo adorable and that hat is lovely! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I love that owl sweater and hat. Too cute! We hear owls in our wooded yard all the time, but it's rare to actually spot one. It's always a big event when we do (the cameras come out!).

Struggler said...

Jake is right on trend; owls seem to be very big news right now. Hopefully you'll be able to find lots of lovely owl items for him. You did a really great job with his sweater!

mamaloves said...

I can't believe it. You designed that journal? OMG! I own it and love it. I didn't think it was possible but I love it even more now;) I had no idea. I bought it this past summer while I was in Florida. I love that you designed it. What a small world. I love his hat and sweater too. You're so amazing and talented. Good for you mama!

Kristin said...

An owl lovey? SO cute! I was a bit sad when my little man abandoned his lovies for a more heavy duty blankie. : )

Cristin said...

We must be on the same wavelength - I have a thing for owls lately too. The sweater & hat is adorable!

LG said...

My friend is using owls for a nursery theme. Can you tell me who sells that owl blankey and journal?