Monday, November 9, 2009

Brunch is for Wimps

My husband's birthday was this weekend, and to celebrate, we decided to go to Soho to have brunch and then to Room and Board to see if we could finally buy some end tables. I had visions of my husband and I chatting lovingly in a chic little bistro while Jake happily sang Ah Mo Wo (Elmo's World), as we beamed at him with pride. We would then stroll past chic shops that I formerly frequented and into Room and Board where we would unanimously decide upon the end tables. Nice, right?

We ended up having the world's fastest brunch as Jake suddenly grew 5 more hands and grabbed everything in sight. My husband and I sat in stressed silence waiting to see what he would come up with next. About 15 minutes later, my husband said, "I'll take him out" and I sat alone and finished my latte.

Then a quick race to Room and Board where Jake immediately let us know that there was NO WAY he was staying in his stroller and proceeded to race through the store banging on every table and climbing on every bed and couch. (My former self saying, "why doesn't this woman control her child?" and my new self says, "I guess it's not SO bad to climb on the gray couch, but I'm definitely drawing the line on the white duvet cover") The sales woman told me she was beginning to hyperventilate watching him because "she had had two of her own" (said in a knowing way). She pointed me in the direction of padded ottomans which she strongly suggested we replace our coffee table with (we weren't even looking for a coffee table). At this point my husband said, "get whatever you want" and raced after Jake who kept giving him gleeful looks before he teased him and took off. We left with no end tables, and at that point I was suddenly quite content with the tv tables that have been acting as end tables for the last two years.

We got in the car and my husband said with pure conviction, "we're never going anywhere again."


mamaloves said...

Hahahaha. Thanks for the good laugh. Sorry you had a hard day. It's amazing how ones perspective changes when you have children of your own;)

Minnie said...

Sorry, I am chuckling, too, but if it makes you feel better do know that we all go through similar experiences. I love to shop and have leisurely meals but it's hard going with my two kids. I've developed strategies (ie. books/toys/food treats to keep them busy while I browse, pre-shopping online and narrowing down my choices to spend less time at the store, a promise to do something they want to do after shopping/eating, etc. ) Even with all this, I still occasionally have the meltdown days. Don't despair; you'll develop your own tactics soon enough because you won't want to hibernate for 18 years!