Sunday, November 15, 2009

Now What?

Here we foot up, and I'm waiting for the fall that's sure to come someday soon when Jake learns he CAN climb out of his crib. 

What to do? Do I just lower the side on the crib? REMOVE the side altogether? Get a toddler bed? Or, just put sides on the cozy double bed with the super snuggly comforter that I made for his room? Am I delusional to think he would sleep in a double sized bed? Is it necessary to immediately switch to a toddler/other bed as soon as he climbs out?

Some cute options...
A happy orange option, and I love the idea it converts to a chair. From Giggle.

Cute, but I'd have to redo his room (which isn't happening) from here.
I love the cute DIY toddler bed (very inexpensive at $75) that Gabriel Blair of Designmom created. We would need to add sides...
And this is just the cutest for a little boys room...although definitely not for us yet! But I think it's great!


Kristin said...

Nooooo, that's my worse nightmare!

Cristin said...

Oh no, I remember this stage. My oldest did fall out, but fortunately didn't get hurt. Our crib converted to a daybed and we converted that very day. We didn't have a rail, but put pillows on the floor. She landed on them a couple times and learn how to sleep in a big girl bed in the process!

Thank you too for the Anthro link!!!


Melissa A. said...

I remember those days. When my son climed out of the crib on more than one occasion, I decided it was time for the bed. I ended up putting him in a twin bed and adding a cushioned pad to the floor next to the bed in case he fell out. He did fall out a few times, but seemed to stay asleep, because I would wake up in the morning and find him asleep on the cushion on the floor.