Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's been awhile...

But, things have been busy around here! We've been making pumpkins to hang in the windows. I originally thought I'd cut them out, but they're looking pretty cute the way they are.

Every woman needs a super hero, and I am no exception. My personal helper washes paint brushes (for lengthy periods of time...always so upsetting when your super hero "muscles" get soaked with soapy water!).

And, I've made progress on creating a dining room that looks a little more "designed", and less like we're camping out. I cleared everything in the room, and made room for our new chairs. I LOVE them. Our new lights arrived, and they'll be installed next week. Still need to choose new paint colors,a rug, and window treatments (if any?).

My superhero also likes to help me sew. (Do you see why it's very difficult for me to get anything done?) These are the roman shades in progress for our guest bedroom. The project stalled for the summer, but now I'm in full swing again, and managed to get them sewn. Unfortunately, I don't think I love them anymore, but we'll see what they look like when I hang them up.

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