Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Countdown...

I feel like Halloween is actually a month and a half long holiday around here. September and October are my favorite months in Westchester... I'm no longer craving the beach, I'm energized by personal projects, the weather is still nice, AND there are many fun things to do in the area which we've been taking advantage of. Last Friday night was the second time we've been to see the jack-o-lantern extravaganza, BLAZE at Van Cortlandt Manor, one of the historic hudson homes. Talented carvers, and dedicated volunteers carve over 4,000 pumpkins, and illuminate them each night throughout the grounds. It takes them a few hours to light the pumpkins each night. Can you imagine? I think my carving limit might top out at about 5! It's truly amazing to see. Here are some shots from our fun night in the land of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Our own pumpkin decorating was far less ambitious, but really fun. We're going with glittery, disco pumpkins this year! I'll probably carve them next weekend so we can light them up for the kajillion trick-or-treaters we get each year, but I think Jake is still a little squeamish about scooping pumpkin goo.

(Note: these photos were taken on the very rare occasion that Jake wasn't wearing his Spiderman costume...these moments are few and far between these days, but he IS wearing his self-created baseball uniform!)

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Melinda C said...

cool images! love the glittery pumpkin! hey, do you have a Pinterest account? It is so addicting!