Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Napping Beauties

After my winter duldrom post, a reader asked about my new found technique to get Jake to nap. As necessity is the mother of invention, here's what I did...

First of all, it's no longer a "nap", it's "rest time". Babies "nap", big boys "rest" (mom's like to too, although I don't care what we call it!). Then, I made up some new rules (that I made up as I went along...this was a process, not an immediate success).
Rule 1: You must stay in your room and sleep or play quietly until I come say rest time is over. (OK, I got this from Super Nanny, but thought it was a good idea!)
Rule 2: If you come out of your room, I'm going to come hold you until Rule 1 is followed.
Rule 3: If Rule 2 is broken, I go in and hold him. After promises are made, "rest time" continues and I leave (basically, my first warning).
Rule 4: If fussing, coming out of room happens, I go back in, and hold him on my lap, no talking, just snuggles. W/in 5 minutes he's ready to go to sleep.

Yay! Naptime continues!

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I love this-taking notes!