Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whistling a Happy Tune

In an effort NOT be sucked in by all the coupons flooding my inbox, and to give EXPERIENCES, and SPECIAL THINGS, rather than just stuff, I am proud to say that I have completed my first special Christmas project (for which my husband is very grateful). I decided to make my own children's book using BLURB.com especially for my niece, and my son who are just the best of buddies.

I adapted Laura Joffe Numeroff's If You Give a Mouse a Cookie into a fun book of the great times Jake and and his beloved cousin Avery have had this year. She is completely dedicated to him, and tireless in meeting his demands, as is the character in the original story.

I would like to say I breezed right through this project, and while having an audience of two took some of the pressure off my usual design job, in truth this took me HOURS! And, hours. And hours. But, I had a great time, and I hope that Jake and Avery will love their special book. Here's a sneak peek:

With regard to all the rest of my Christmas shopping, I confess, I gave in to many of those coupons, but WILL give a special gift to my nieces and nephew of a fun filled day doing something I think they'll love (but I won't say here, because you never know who's reading!

How have you been doing on your Christmas shopping? Are you making things? Do you have time? Do you know of any great coupons you'd like to share?


Kristin said...

What a cute idea! I might have to try my own book sometime!

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

This is so cute. I've read about BLURB before and have seen quite a few bloggers who have converted posts into book form. I'll have to give this a closer look.

Fun blog to browse too.

Enjoy the holidays!

Kelly~ Wave of Life Surf Studio said...

Hi Heather!! Love the book idea & I can't believe how big Jake has gotten :) Come stop by my blog when you get the chance.. Hope we can all meet up with Steph & Quinn soon!


Kerren said...

what a treasure for the both of them! It looks like a labor of love!

superman said...

They are so cute..
nice photos!

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