Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Less than Dazzling Dining Room

(image from Galbraith & Paul)

 (image from Galbraith & Paul)

Despite how well our dining room "works" for our lives at the moment, I have been obsessing (ever so slightly) about the ugliness of the room. I want it chic AND fun. SO, last weekend I took a wonderful mini trip to Philadelphia with a friend to check out the Galbraith & Paul sample sale. I've been wanting one of their great pendant lamps for above the table. It seems it might be the one thing that will be immune to food spills and craft projects.

Galbriath & Paul is a fabric design, and printing studio housed in a renovated textile mill in the Manayunk neighboorhood of Philadelphia. They produce upscale, hand block printed textiles which are used on pillows, lighting, and fabric yardage (unfortunately available to the trade only). We arrived early, so I was immediately able to snag a light in the correct size, but ultimately passed it on to another admirer because the color just wasn't right for me.

(image from Galbraith & Paul)

For a moment, I had the thought of purchasing some of the yardage in the above fabric and making my own pendant light...but who am I I really need a project of this magnitude? In my one spare hour a day? Probably not.

(image from Galbraith & Paul)

They had stacks and stacks of wonderful pillows for sale, which became quite overwhelming. The colors were not quite right for my living room, but there were many designers there putting together fabulous groupings of the pillows, so it was pretty tempting!

In one room they had two large tables filled with fabric remnants which was fun to sort through. It was all available by the pound, so I just grabbed some different things I liked and will someday turn them into something beautiful. Once I laid out all the fabric, I realized how predictable my color choices are! Aren't these fabrics great (see below)? I'll have to see what I can come up with!


Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Love their fabrics and fabric covered pendants, inspired me to make my own pendants! It was easy using fabric, pendant kits and drum shades. This fabric would look fabulous made into a pendant...or pillows...or anything! Janell

Minnie said...

Your new stash of fabrics is divine. Just beautiful patterns and colors. What a great sale to go to. Someday, you will have a bit more time on your hands to make something great for your home. :-)

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

WOW, what a beautiful selection of shades and fabrics. YUMMY! Great photos too.

Mariella said...

this fabric really look gorgeous, I am sure you will find something super to do with them! x Mariella

StarletStarlet said...

Oh my goodness, whatta gorgeous, gorgeous fabric from Galbriath and Paul. I have pretty much zero knowledge on fabric, I imagine hand block printing would take a lot of time, no?