Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hot off the presses...a new Haunted House playset I designed! The "book" actually folds out into three playset scenes. There are lots of spooky paper dolls, dress up dolls, and spooky props included to set up on each of the scenes. Although it's too young for Jake, I set it up for him the other night, and he had a blast!

The illustrations are by Amy Saidens, a very talented, and fun illustrator I've worked with several times. We've done a few of these play sets together now, and have them down pat!


Carolyn said...

I would have loved that as a kid...and possibly even now!

Minnie said...

How cute! My kids would totally love these but they'd get so excited that I'd be worried the dolls would get destroyed after the first use. I love the idea of using them as display.