Friday, July 2, 2010

Do you ever have a really great day?

One that you just KNOW that is the stuff that memories are built on? One that you hope that lasts forever and everyone you know is around and healthy and having fun, and you just feel GREAT. Even if the day isn't totally perfect, you just know it's special for any little reason, and that you can do anything.

This song, Never End by the kids band Milkshake says it all. It's also a CD that adults won't mind listening too. When I played this song for my husband last week, he didn't even realize it was a "kids" song (until I told him!). I actually think it would make a great wedding song, wouldn't it?

Underneath the morning sun, all the birds sing as one 
Anything is possible today.
I can climb the highest tree, see the world that waits for me
Anything is possible today.
I wish this day would Never End 
I wish this day would Never End. 
A rabbit scoots across the yard, jumping high and going far
Anything is possible today
Daffodils are in full bloom, say goodbye to winter’s gloom
Anything is possible today.
I wish this day would Never End
I wish this day would Never End
There is nothing that we can’t do-
There is nothing we can’t get through-
On a day like this I feel invincible.

Words: Lisa Mathews & Mikel Gehl 
Music: Mikel Gehl 
© 2002 Deck Party Music

Hope you have an invincible weekend!

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jacqueline said...

Oh yes i have had days like that where i just feel GREAT! Days as such are really amazing and wonderful! Thanks for sharing this beautiful song with us! Have a lovely merry happy weekend adn love to you!