Sunday, January 3, 2010

There's been an incident...

The other day, as the "mitigation" crew was walking off with the walls of our basement, and the plumber was installing the second hot water heater (that we've had in nine months), I got a "courtesy" call from daycare. Jake bit someone. And, it's their policy to call the parents of the "biter", and the parents of the "victim". The victim!?!?!? Oh my, this sounds so serious!

"Should I come get him?" I asked (thinking, how on earth and I'm going to tell this "mitigation" crew to leave while I pick up my little biter). "No, no, this happens all the time. It's just a courtesy call. "Oh, ok, well thanks." Ummm. Now what? Jake doesn't bite, at least not us, not his family? I'm hoping this is an isolated incident!

They probably wouldn't think the above t-shirt was funny if I wore it to drop him off at daycare, would they?

1. Bite Me blocks from Dead Men Telling Tales; 2. Bite Me rubber stamp from Sundrop Craftworks; 3. Original painting by Of Course She Said; 4. Gingerbread Tags from Lazy Day Cottage; 5. Bite Me T-shirt from Terri Taylor Design,


Alison said...

My son went through a brief biting stage as well. And he has received his fair share of bites! Although it can be hard when your kid is the biter, I think it's pretty common for toddlers. Plus, I like the shirt. :)

paula said...

oh no. kj went through a stage that when he got over excited he would bite. ellie was always the "victim".

becoming-mom said...

Oh no! Hopefully it's just a one time thing.. it's just a perfectly normal developmental stage.

journeyaround said...

Clearly Jake was the victim- the other child stole his toy for Pete's sake!

xo, adoring Auntie

pve design said...

Oh - my son did this too in school way back and I remember being traumatized. We laugh about it now.
No, I know it is not funny, but we always say "use your words dear"
Now that twilight is so big, I think biting is back in fashion.