Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I like mice!

After years of detesting mice, I've finally found one I love. One of Jake's new favorites is Maisy (aka, "MiMi"), the creation of author/illustrator Lucy Cousins. This little mouse, and the brightly colored artwork is just perfect, and the books are so well targeted to the toddler age group.

Lucy Cousins says, "I draw by heart, I think of what children would like by going back to my own child-like instincts." She includes concepts that are parts of a child's everyday experience such as colors, numbers, friends, schools, toys, and sharing. They're bright, and happy and I think I'm enjoying these books as much as Jake is! We printed out several of the coloring pages from Maisy's Fan Club website, and Jake proudly took them into daycare today.

I'm excited that Maisy's Train will be out in time for Jake's birthday! (Maisy's birthday is Febuary 10!).


Pinecone Camp said...

I've given these books to my nieces and nephews. They're so sweet.

Melinda said...

I was just looking at Maisy books today in my clinic's library...so cute! Dan brought home a Maisy book in Finnish to the girls on one of his travels long ago, we still have it!

Art Wall Katie said...

I think Maisy appeals to mommies. I love her too.

Alison said...

We love Maisy in our house too!

Minnie said...

Isn't it great when you find yourself as interested in the kids' books as they are? I still remember when my son "graduated" from easy word books to actual storyline books.

Cristin said...

My girls love these books! So cute.