Monday, January 11, 2010

Peas please

Perhaps we've taken one too many trips to McDonald's lately (they DO sell apple slices you know!), but when I came across these tasty looking treats from Peas of Mind, I became even more convinced that my family needs to go on a New Year's health kick. The "veggie wedgies" come in all different flavors like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and baked apples. Unfortunately, they don't sell them near us, but I'll be looking for something similar!

Here's to a healthy new year!


paula said...

we start off the year with no sweets every year. my husband already has headaches and kiddos are not thrilled, but doing well so far.

Art Wall Katie said...

Love this packaging.

pve design said...

My teen sons went for 'fast food" after school with friends and I told them. do you realize that your life expectancy was just diminished. I really work hard to feed my family good food, and then they have McDonald's and I feel like they are punishing me.
So wrong, I tell you! waaa.
I will try these....