Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hello Again!

Through a stroke of good scheduling fortune, I've managed to spend a good portion of the summer on Cape Cod...which is the only place I really want to be when July hits. I've been scheduling posts in advance, and trying to keep up with my little blog in between gaps in my busy summer, working, and generally trying to keep up with life. After being robbed last year, I thought it was best not to announce my departures each time I went away.

We came home today, after a fantastic 10 days of playing with Jake and my family. Having spent my summers there as a child, it's such a blessing to begin to share it all with Jake and to see him discover it all for himself! And my good baby? He did not cry once on the five hour car ride home!

One fun highlight was that we splurged and bought bikes...and the best part? Mine has a child seat attached to the back! It's not the bike I posted about here...but it's pretty great! I'm looking forward to family bike rides this fall with Jake singing merrily on the back!

Two nights ago, Ricardo and I had a great date night at Mac's Shack in Wellfleet. Cute logo, don't you think? Has anyone else been having a tough time keeping up with their blogs this summer?


Kellie Collis said...

Its Winter here is Sydney ... I have enjoyed curling up in the warmth inside !x

Meredith Nelson Photography said...

Bike riding on Cape Cod is the best. We take our boys for the longest rides and take in all of the beautiful scenery. Glad you are having such a great summer!

Minnie said...

Hey, you cannot tell us you bought a bike and not show it to us! Bikes are on the horizon for us too though the 100-degree temps even at the beach and bad air due to fires are keeping us inside the past week.

I find blogging is hard with little ones in general but especially in the summer when you want to be outside playing or on vacation. Very smart of you to post in advance. I dream of being one of those European bloggers who take a break and simply post that they'll be off for a couple of months.