Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Ba Ba Blues

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Jake and I are having a tough time at daycare. With his 18 mo. birthday looming in September he will be graduating to the toddler classroom, where (gasp!), they don't allow bottles. So, he has to give up his one little vice, and it's breaking our hearts. He's been starting to have temper tantrums lately, and I think much of the cause is his bottle. I know he's supposed to be weaning off the bottle and we've eliminated one during the day, but at daycare, they're a lot tougher than I am, and have not let him have one all week. If it were up to me, I would do it slowly and gradually, and not put him through this misery right now. I'm frustrated that we're being forced into this schedule that daycare dictates. I left him in tears yesterday, and then burst into tears myself on the way to work. I just can't stand the thought of him being sad at daycare!


Meredith Nelson Photography said...

Ugh, that is SO hard. Cale is almost two and is a "bubba" addict. Not during the day, but before he goes to sleep. I think he will go to his first sleepover with one..oops.:-)

jacqueline said...

That would be so hard for him >_< I hope he gets use to the idea of not having a bottle @ daycare soon. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to the both of you!

Minnie said...

Any transition is difficult, especially a major one like ending bottles. Perhaps the school's philosophy is that quitting cold turkey will, in the long run, be easier for your son than prolonging the process. Perhaps it might help to offer a reward, then he'll have something to look forward to and shift the attention toward something positive. Maybe he gets to choose some special kid glasses/sippy cups he can use only if he gives up the bottle?

Melissa A. said...

That is so hard to leave your kid at daycare crying. I agree with you in doing it gradually. Too bad the daycare can't be more leniant. I'm sad for him too.