Monday, January 16, 2012

How charming!

I've been toying around with some party ideas for Jake's upcoming birthday. I'd like to keep the party small, manageable, and preferably at home. Usually when I search for party ideas, I find decorating ideas. That I can come up with, but mild panic sets in when I try to think what to actually DO with all the little ones and keep them happy and somewhat chaos free for a couple of hours. If I could have the party outside, it would be great, but his birthday is in early March, so the weather is iffy at best.

During my searches, I came across this great little company called One Charming Party. Conveniently, they have a themed "Super Hero Party" which is right up our alley. They provide you with party ideas, activities, 3-D invites, super hero certificates, and a guide to all the party supplies for $25. I'll need to do a little more thinking about our party, but I'm definitely intrigued by this kit!

I also came across this pretty awesome Super Hero party ideas via Hostess with the Mostess. Don't you love the idea of the kids popping out of a phone booth in their costumes?

If you want to see more ideas I've found, visit this pintrest board I created...

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Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy said...

I love One Charming Party! They have some really original and clever ideas. Party planning can be so much work - but so much fun. Enjoy!