Monday, January 30, 2012

Eye Boy to the Rescue!

Jake has come up with a new super hero...EYE BOY! He has created a whole story/world around this character, and now it's up to me, Super Mom, to create the perfect EYE BOY costume. What a challenge!

I had him describe the costume to me, and drew it for his approval. He's quite exacting. Really, I'm not sure how I'm going to make this, but I thought polar fleece would be the best bet, so I ordered all the pieces tonight, and will wing it once it comes. I think the fact that it won't be shiny is a little disappointing to him, but I persuaded him that a cozy super hero costume will be more comfortable to catch bad guys.

He has concocted a whole cast of bad guys. There's Horrible Head (who does really horrible things), Ugly Head (who does really terrible things), Christmas Tree Head (who steals all the Christmas decorations)...and these are just a few!

Stay tuned for future episodes of...EYE BOY!

P.S. Didn't Superman's aunt create his costume on Lois & Clark? Perhaps I really DO have the next super hero!


Kara said...

Love it! Can't wait to see te crafty finished product!

Minnie said...

This is such a creative idea. I totally love it. There was a time I was kinda against superheroes of the Superman, Batman, etc. type. I just thought my kids were too young to be pretending "to kill" an enemy. But I totally would've enjoyed having them dress up as a superhero of their own creation. I can't wait to see the costume either.