Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time for Doughnuts!

At bedtime last night, Jake told me he thought we should make donuts (he's 3). I said I didn't know how (thinking it would be best that we don't do cooking projects that involve hot oil), and he told me that you just get sugar, ice, strawberries, orange juice, and more sugar and mix it up and then frost it with pink. It sounds like a bit like a smoothie, but he did speak with such authority that I almost had to believe him!

Enjoy the recipe folks!

(Above, Melissa and Doug wooden doughnuts available at Amazon)

(Above,: DIY felt doughnuts... instructions here)

(Above: The Donut Book by Sally Levitt Steinberg available here)

(Above: Doughnut pushpins by Emarie Creations through Etsy here)

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Anonymous said...

He is so excellent! I am going to make him a felt doughnut (feltnut!).