Monday, March 21, 2011

Last weekend bonanza

Last weekend, we managed to pull off three parties for Jake's third birthday. (I wonder if this means we'll have to plan four next year?!?!?!). This was done w/ some finesse despite the fact, I was sick, my mom had the flu and was down for the count, and everyone else soon followed in our footsteps, including Jake. It's been a nutty week to say the least! For his friend's party, as much as I love the idea of having it at our house, I just couldn't manage it, so we decided to have it at a local kid's gymnastics place which was great. He wanted an "M&M" party, so I managed to fit in some personal touches like these fun M&M t-shirts as party favors (very easy to make!), and some funky cupcakes. They weren't quite the colors I had in mind, but I realized I bought the wrong type of frosting...some neon color kit, and the only colors that resembled M&M's were orange and green. And, I was somewhat hampered by the fact that Jake woke up early in the morning, just as I was getting ready to frost and decorate them..."you frosting the cupcakes Mom? I'm going to help!". (How do I resist such a sweet offer?)

I always love the beautiful photos of kids parties that I see on blogs with exquisite dessert tables, but I always wonder...what do these talented people actually DO with the kids when they COME to the party? Ten 3-year-olds in our house is a LOT. Yes, I can imagine it if I was guaranteed warm, sunny weather, or had a very large house, but...the 10 kids also each come with at least one parent, and add some family in there, and you've got quite a crowd. Also, frankly, (and Scrooge-ly of me), I don't want Jake eating an enormous amount of candy and sugar even if it IS his birthday, which these exquisite tables tend to feature. The idea of letting 3-year olds loose on a table filled with candy is enough to make me want to immediately go back to bed.

I'm hoping it will be warmer for Easter, and I can invite some of his little buddies over for an Easter egg hunt/party...outside!

Hope you all have had fun weekends!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the tee-shirts! Did you print them or ink them?

Heather said...

I designed the t-shirts on the computer, and then used iron on transfer paper to apply them to the shirts.