Friday, November 12, 2010

Pirate Booty

I'm sure everyone to Mars and beyond has been aware of the skulls and crossbone trend that's been going on the last couple years. I think it's okaaaay (meaning, really, somewhat ok), but I really can't stand how much of it I've been seeing on kids clothing lately. The Gap (my go-to source for Jake's clothes) is all over the trend. Do you really want to put your precious little boy in clothing sporting that icon? To me, it just seems like tempting fate (completely neurotic?). But, also, what does he know about skull and crossbones? He might put it together with a pirate image, but he'd really think it was so much cooler to wear Curious George on his T:

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Alison said...

I agree - I'm not a fan of the skull and crossbones for my little guys either. Especially on the baby clothes!