Thursday, November 11, 2010

A few of our favorite books...

I'm sure many of you have seen these delightful paintings of "favorite books" by Jane Mount. Each one is cuter than the next, and they have me thinking what Jake and I would include in our line up of Favorite books.

I think we'd include a few of the classics like The Big Red Barn, and Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, and we'd want to show Eric Carle and Bill Martin's Brown Bear, Brown Bear front and Center. And, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Lucy Cousin's Maisy the Mouse books would be included, and Is Your Mama A Llama, along with a few Curious George books. Oh, and let's not forget our new Busytown books by Richard Scary. There's a reason why some of these are classics! Also facing forward please would be Auntie M's books Hello Boston, and Hello Cape Cod. Jake thinks they were written especially for us.

I've been religiously reading to Jake at least 5 books a night since he was born, and I love just cuddling up with him. We were recently reading a book that had the characters spelling out the word A-P-P-L-E and when I asked him how to spell it, I was shocked when he started to! He missed on the L-E and truthfully, I was a little relived. The child is smart, but I'll be happy to keep reading to him for a good long while! Do you think he'll still let me when he's 15?

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Minnie said...

I like that artwork, which is new to me so I'll have to go check out what else the artist has. Some of your favorites are also some of ours. Of course, they're classics, right? We read a lot, too, and it is my secret pleasure. I really enjoy many books as much as my kids. Ha, I don't know how old the kids get before they ask for you to STOP reading, but I remember I used to share a room with my sister when were in our teens and I would read ghost stories to her before she fell asleep.