Monday, April 26, 2010

My sister is incredible!

I may have mentioned that Jake has been going through a big Brown Bear, Brown Bear  phase right now, and has the book memorized. So, imagine his excitement when we arrived at my mom's house the other day...we were greeted by my nieces wearing a yellow duck and green frog t-shirts that my sister had made using Brown Bear fabric. Jake was handed the prized brown bear t-shirt. Then she gave him this adorable quilt that she just whipped up! She's pretty incredible like that! AND, she also gave him this pillow which he is nuts about (and so am I!). My niece told me that my sister just sketched it out (using a SHARPIE) on some felt and stitched it together. He's so proud of all his new things, and was quite the big toddler on campus at daycare today when he strutted in wearing his new tee, and carrying his new blanket for naptime!

My sister Martha is pure genius at coming up with some of these projects. I've been known to find some pretty incredible things just stuck in her basement that she just thinks no one will want, or hasn't had the chance to display anywhere. Proof of mom had a garage sale last weekend, and some of her old college art projects were selling like hotcakes. We were actually quite hysterical about this, as one woman made her dig through my mom's attic to try to find more things, and made her sign the back. Having lived side by side with her while growing up, and always making projects, we tend to take it for granted that people actually WANT things like this!

This week, I'll show just a few of the items my sister has come up with that I've sequestered to decorate my own home. Stay's my Martha week!

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Minnie said...

I sure would have loved to have been at that garage sale! I don't do too many garage sales since I'm not an early morning person but I do love it when I find one that has artistic gems. Most of them don't. Can't wait to see the rest of her artistic creations.