Monday, April 2, 2012

Super Heros Unite

(design © Heather Zschock)

As always, we've had a busy several weeks with lots of birthday fun, lots of work, and not enough time. Thus, this blog has not been updated quite as much as I would like. For one thing, I think it needs an overhaul, and I'm starting to gather a few ideas of things I'd like to do. Like most of my larger projects (like our guest bedroom, and basement), it seems that things take about 6 months to come together if I'm truly honest with my time constraints! I also have a tendency to play with Jake at any given moment. Redesign blog, or play with Jake? Clean out basement, or play with Jake? Hmmmm...which would you decide? (He is pretty cute, isn't he?)

In March, Jake turned 4, and we celebrated with a really fun Super Hero party. I had a few indoor games like "Pin the Badge on the Super Hero" planned, but I really didn't have enough to keep 11 kids reasonably happy and under control for an hour and a halaf. FORTUNATELY the weather cooperated with us. If it had been a rainy day, I would have been in big trouble!

(design © Heather Zschock)

The highlight was a visit from Spiderman himself (who wishes to be anonymous). When the children arrived, we gave them bags with capes I had made, masks that my sister graciously made, with stickers to decorate. (I made 12 capes!??! What was I thinking!?!?) When that activity was winding down, Mr. Anonymous snuck upstairs and put on his Spiderman costume (doesn't every man own one?). I announced that a "bad guy" had taken the goody bags...which may have scared a few of the kids (oops!), and then I asked them to all call for help from Spiderman. They obliged, and out popped Spiderman! Who also scared them, until we told them who he really was (can you guess?).

Spiderman led the little super heroes on a "clue finding mission" around a nature preserve by our house. We had set up clues and goody bags with "power rings", "heat ray vision" glasses, etc. At each stop, Spidey would pass out the goodies and announce that his "spider senses were tingling", and it was off to the next stop!

They all had fun, and I think this will be a memorable party for him...which for me, is the most important!


Minnie said...

What adorable graphics! Jake and his buddies must have loved the party and especially those capes. Wow. You really went all out.

Carolyn said...

My sister just threw a superman party too and made capes. How cute. Thanks for all your sweet comments always.

What Is Timeless? said...

So cute, fun, and memorable! Love the Spidey Cake! You are amazing.