Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Decorating

I love looking at photos of lovely gift wrapped packages, and ornately decorated houses for the holidays. For some lovely photos, you can click on these links of fellow bloggers:

Cristin from Simplified Bee shows some lovely inexpensive wrapping ideas.
Minnie from Mama Without Borders show some really neat vintage pink items (which Jake would love because as you know, he prefers pink!)
These are pretty too...see Chic Coles.

Although I've already decorated for Christmas (as much as I can!), I now realize I should have just gone with an Elmo theme so that I could have witnessed the true magic of Christmas through Jake's adorable little eyes. There's still time to stick an Elmo on top of the tree!

Elmo image from Sesame Street / Ornament from 2MomLuvMe.  / Stocking from Amazon. / 
Gift wrap from Find / Gift Bags from DollarNights

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